The annual membership fee for the Grand Prix Scholarship Program is $3.00
per year and is due to your Youth Director during the membership drive
following the start of fall-winter youth leagues.  Contact your Youth Director
for due dates.  During the membership drive, you will verify the information
on your membership card.  Be prepared to verify your name, address,
phone, social security number and year you will graduate from high school.

In order to remain a member of the Grand Prix Scholarship Program, you
must actively participate in a youth league each year until you graduate
from high school.  If you do not actively participate in a youth league, you
forfeit your scholarship accumulation.

Grand Prix Scholarship Program bowlers are required to participate in our
Grand Prix Scholarship Fund Raiser.  Bowlers who do not
participate in the fund raiser will not receive
scholarship points or dollars
credited for this bowling season.


Bowlers earn 3 scholarship points each time they bowl a league session.  
Pre-bowls also count as league sessions.  Points are also awarded to
bowlers who bowl on teams finishing in the first 3 places of the league,
receive high game, high series, high average or most improved bowler
recognition.  Points are also awarded to bowlers participating in
tournaments such as the ISBPA, Illinois State USBC, Pepsi and Adult-Child
9-Pin No-Tap Tournament.

Points are accumulated at the conclusion of the bowling season and
reported to the Illinois State Bowling Proprietors Association.  They
determine a point value based on the results of our fund raising efforts.  A
point value is determined and multiplied by the amount of points
accumulated by a bowler.  Each member will receive a letter in August or
September of each year reporting the amount of scholarship dollars earned
that bowling season and their scholarship accumulation.

Click here for the
Point Distribution Chart.  

For further information, you may visit the Illinois State Bowling Proprietors
website at
Grand Prix
Scholarship Program